Personal Protective Blankets Australia

The Thermaguard® range of personal protective blankets is recognised as world-class, with options meeting or exceeding the thermal protective requirements of fire authorities throughout Australia and independently tested to an array of Australian, ISO, EU standards.

Our blankets, like our Firesleeve, go through Quality Assurance Checks to ensure heavy-duty performance when they are needed.


Our blanket range includes:

Supertherm® Personal Protective Bushfire Blankets

These red 'burnover blankets' are designed for use in a last-resort situation where escape from a bushfire is simply no longer a possiblity. They are built to AS/NZS 4824 and AS/NZS 4967 standards, exceed the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) specification, are made using premium world-class Antibacterial and Antiviral materials and are manufactured using the latest methods and equipment to ensure optimum protection against flame and heat.  


Yellow Training Personal Protective Bushfire Blankets

These blankets are a 'training' version of the above Supertherm® Personal Protective Bushfire Blankets.  Not to be used in real-life situations, they are a way for Fire Authorities to train their staff with the best deployment methods.


Extrication Blankets

The Extrication blankets are not fire blankets, but are used in many different emergencies, for example car accidents, where emergency services are forced to cut a vehicle to release a victim, meaning sharp metal objects are present and a buffer is required.  Lightweight and yet tough, these blankets offer very good thermal protection, and will not catch fire or support combustion – they has been independently tested to exceed the AS4824:2006 Wildland Firefighters’ Clothing Standard by up to 200%.


Thermaguard® is the leading supplier of Personal Fire Protective Blankets and other Fire Protection products in Australia.