Research and Development

At Thermaguard, mere compliance with relevant Standards is not enough. Our company ethos of striving for excellence means our trained engineers and chemists constantly research, develop, test and improve the characteristics of our products with a view to exceed statutory requirements.

For Thermaguard, Research and Development is an ongoing investment; an investment into the lives and wellbeing of countless persons living and working in fire-prone locations. Testing is conducted both in-house and by independent, internationally recognised testing laboratories specialising in fire protection.

Thermaguard's in-house testing facilities operate to the Standard set out in ISO9151, enabling exhaustive comparisons between textiles, composites etc., for maximum protection and peace of mind. Where required, independent certification is then obtained prior to releasing the product to the market. Thermaguard products have a reputation for far exceeding the minimum requirements of many tests; a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our Global approach means we regularly attend overseas trade exhibitions to keep up to date, and ensure you are always supplied with the latest developments. Our Policy of continuous improvement means we are at the forefront of new technologies, and clients can rest assured our products have been extensively tested. We recognise that in the industries we service, the difference between a class-leading product and an average product can mean the difference between life and death. Our dedication and intimate knowledge of Standards means many of our products far exceed the stipulated requirements. When dealing with life, Thermaguard Pty Ltd uses recognised Standards as the starting point, not the finish line.

Thermaguard holds many granted and pending patents, trademarks and registered designs. Thermaguard aggressively protects it’s innovations and intellectual property rights.