Self Sealing Silcone End Seal Tape


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Thermaguard® provides End Seal Tape made from high grade silicone rubber. Our End Seal Tape is commonly used to seal the ends of Firesleeve after installation, and prevent the ingress of water and other foreign materials such as dirt, sand or dust.

The unique self-amalgamating construction means this tape does not use adhesive, so there is no sticky residue - it mechanically bonds to form a contiguous layer. An added benefit is that no adhesive means the temperature rating of the tape is not compromised by a glue.

Our End Seal Tape has a wide range of applications including: Transportation, Railroad, Oil Field, Industrial, Mining, Automotive, Forestry, Military, Aerospace, Firefighting, Rally Cars, and Smelters.

Our SUPERTHERM® Sealing Tape is designed for easy installation; adhering quickly to most surfaces and can be removed quickly as well. Furthermore, it provides a uniform, sturdy finished look to the fire hose assembly.

After sealing the ends of your Thermaguard® Fire Sleeve, with our SUPERTHERM® End Seal Tape, we recommend using hose clamps or cable ties (also supplied) to secure the Firesleeve, and prevent movement.

The SUPERTHERM® Sealing Tape is also resistant against all sorts of weather conditions. Our tape offers a self-fusing, moisture-resistant barrier which is highly elastic. We stock the product in 25mm wide by 11m rolls however, we also have sealing tape in 50mm widths which are available upon request.

Contact us now on 1300 948 241 or our contact us page if you have any questions regarding our SUPERTHERM® Sealing Tape and our other fire protection products. Our customer service staff are always ready and happy to answer your queries!