About Thermaguard Pty Ltd


Thermaguard® is the main supplier of a vast range of bushfire protection products; Radiant Heat Shields for fire appliances, to Bushfire Blankets, and Firesleeve. For many years, our main focus has always been to provide premium products made from world-class materials, to protect users from bushfires. 

Our brand is trusted by thousands; ranging from the actual ‘boots on the ground’ firefighters, through to the ministers and government agencies. 

Our Thermaguard® Firesleeves and Fire Blankets are also tested in laboratories where full-scale simulations and in-the-field are performed in order to ensure heavy duty performance. Furthermore, our products go through a Quality Assurance Check prior to despatch.

Our team heavily invests in Research and Development, to improve the quality of our products and to ensure that our clients always have access to the latest, world class solutions.
We know that our products are needed ‘now’ and we want to accommodate these needs. Therefore, we keep a large range of our ‘general’ products in stock in our warehouses, and will always do our best to accommodate your ‘custom’ orders in your timeframe.  

Take a moment now to browse through our web pages to learn more about Thermaguard® Firesleeve and Fire Blankets. We also have high-performance End Seal Tape and Fire Tape which our clients use with our Firesleeve. 
If you have questions or you need advice on Fire Protection and Fire Safety, please don’t hesitate to email us at sales@thermaguard.com.au or simply fill out our enquiry form at our Contact Us page. Our Customer Support staff will gladly take your query and provide you with the best solution to your problem. 
To develop, test and supply world-class, innovative, quality solutions, supported by friendly staff who keep their promises.

Interaction - promote meaningful dialogue and value feedback
Excellence - strive to exceed client expectations, every time
Innovation - to constantly 'think outside the square'
Integrity - to engender and promote honesty

To earn our place as the supplier of choice for all organisations and individuals who are serious about burn over protection.