Date Posted:11 July 2019 

“MUST WATCH - Calfire’s Dramatic Wildfire Footage on Nov 2018’s “Camp Fire” which destroyed almost 90% of the town of Paradise, California, and took the lives of 85 people.”

This amazing video reveals some of Calfire’s heroic actions taken to save lives in November 2018, and also portrays the horrific realities endured during a wildfire and how quickly anyone can be caught out, resulting in a life or death situation.



We at Thermaguard believe there are some excellent key points for bushfire preparation in this video, as it outlines the importance of clearing natural dry fuels away from your home and having a wildfire/bushfire escape procedure in place.

Home owners may be forced to flee their properties in vehicles once they realise they can no longer attempt to save their homes. If you live in a high bushfire risk area, please check out this link and keep a Thermaguard personal protective fire blanket in your vehicle as a last resort, in the event of being overrun by a bushfire whilst on the road. Preparation is key for increasing your chance of surviving the wildfires this year may bring.

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