Date Posted:26 February 2024 

Firefighters of CFA’s Eureka Group Strike Team survive burnover while fighting bushfires near the Grampians, VIC.

Thermaguard™ is relieved to hear the Eureka Group Strike Team was able to safely endure a burnover while fighting a bushfire west of Melbourne, this month. We are proud to note that our Supertherm™ Radiant Heat Sheilds were deployed by the firefighting team - following their burnover procedure, as trained to do so by CFA. This played a significant role in helping protect the lives of these heroic men and women.


We commend the team's quick thinking and adherence to their burnover protocol allowing them to continue fighting fires after receiving medical clearance.

Although it is relieving news, the incident is a stark reminder of the dangers that these firefighters face every day. We reiterate the importance of using bushfire safety equipment manufactured to the highest Australian standards, and we will continue to produce innovative and reliable Fire Crew Protection to support the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe.

We are extremely grateful to Australian firefighters for their dedication and commitment. 


Bushfire Kits - As used by Australian Government Authorities and available for all land owners/residents of High Bushfire Risk Areas

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