Date Posted:11 June 2019 

Queensland Firefighters are worried about the upcoming bushfire season as time is running out for hazard reduction. According to RFS NSW, "Hazard reduction is one way to prepare for bushfires. It includes many methods such as controlled burning, mechanical clearing ie slashing undergrowth, or reducing the ground fuel."

QLD has been experiencing a great range of weather conditions in the past 12 months as some cities including Sunshine Coast and Cairns  were hit with approximately 150mm of rain, however other towns such as Longreach and Townsville received only a light sprinkle which wasnt even enough to noticeably moisten the soil. The areas that were hit with a lot of heavy rain is making this year's hazard reduction burns look impossible as the undergrowth will be all the more green and lush.

According to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services' (QFES) Superintendent James Haig, "Firefighters might wish for rain, but it needed to fall at the right time and in the right places so they could prepare for the looming bushfire season." He also urges home and property owners to prepare NOW for the upcoming bushfire season.

Read more about the report here: ABC News - Queensland firefighters worry about bushfire season as time runs out for hazard reduction

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