Date Posted:17 September 2021 


Why Thermaguard™ in-cab Radiant Heat Shields are the most critical component of your Fire Crew Protection System

  • ‘Gravity always works’ – no motors, no actuators, no pumps, no compressors, no batteries, nothing…just tug the PULL TO RELEASE Tabs to provide immediate protection
  • ‘Always ready’ – no exterior nozzles or plumbing to get damaged/blocked/misaligned, or variable foam/gel generation patterns through changing flow dynamics, vehicle inclination, vehicle orientation to fire front, wind direction etc
  • ‘Where the need is’ – deployed without the crew leaving the safety of the cab
  • ‘Where the controlled environment is’ – by protecting the interior of the glass, the shields are not compromised by the strong fire winds (which could render sprays, foams, gels and exterior shields useless), nor airborne flaming debris
  • ‘Perimeter fixing’ – designed to reduce possibility of shields blowing in as result of glass breakage through flame impingement or flying debris. Glass breakage does not by itself reduce the radiant heat protection provided by the shields
  • ‘Time is critical’ – no waiting for pumps to distribute foam or gel – typical deployment and full glass protection time is less than 30 seconds
  • ‘Security’ – supported by metal fixings, to cab metal - not just to interior trims/cab linings
  • ‘Situational awareness’ – Crew can monitor the passage of the fire front and decide when to exit onto the ‘black’ by peeling back a corner of a shield from the safety of the cab

Exterior sprays, foams (CAFS), gels etc will complement but not replace the proven fundamental function of Thermaguard™ Radiant Heat Shields – the reflection and dramatic reduction of radiant heat transmission through glass, which is the killer.

View information on Thermaguard's CSIRO/Mogo Burnover Tested Spec Radiant Heat Shields / Fire Curtains, here:

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