Frequently Asked Questions



Our products are made in Australia and overseas, with both local fabrication and local content maximised.

Certainly. We have a 24/7 installer's hotline to provide technical assistance. We often visit our government fleet and company customers, to provide innovative solutions and undertake intricate pattern work for an industry leading result. We regularly train installers and maintainers in identification of parameters critical to maximise crew protection.

We would love to! The Thermaguard team has extensive product knowledge and long experience in the Fire Industry. If you have a need for a specific product or service, call us - we're the industry problem solvers! Depending on the scale of demand, our R&D team will design and develop the product/service that you require, and will ensure that it passes/exceeds any relevant industry certification standards.

Absolutely. While Thermaguard is an Australian-owned company, and primarily services all states within Australia, we also export our products to a number of countries. We understand global shipping.

Possibly. If you stock Thermaguard’s Aerospace Grade Firesleeve or Personal Protective Fire Blankets in your shop/warehouse to resell, please visit our ‘Wholesale Registration’ page where you can request wholesale access. If your company is approved by our team, you will receive email notification when your account is set up. Once you are logged into our website, you will be able to view the wholesale prices and order online.

Yes, please enquire for details.



AS1072 is an 'Aerospace Standard'. AS1072 firesleeve was designed originally to both protect fuel/oil lines in aircraft from heat and flame, and to prevent pressurised flammable leakage from them - which represents probably the highest hazard to in-flight safety.

You sure can! If you require one metre, identify the size you require then simply enter '1' in the quantity column.

With a sharp knife or industrial scissors.

We will help you size it correctly, then we recommend sealing the ends with End Seal Tape to prevent ingress of moisture/dirt etc.

Yes, we keep a silver colour in some sizes, but the burnt ochre colour is specified by AS1072.


Fire Blanket

Both are correct - 'Burnover' is a term specific to the Firefighting industry, where the crew have to shelter in their tanker, using the protection of their blankets.

Our fire blankets are designed as a last resort level of protection for persons trapped by fire. They are carried by persons living, travelling, serving or employed in fire prone areas, either for their own protection or those in their care.

A burnover blanket could work quite well to extinguish a cooktop fire, but never the other way around. One smothers (cuts off oxygen supply to) an oil fed fire, the other provides protection to a human from radiant heat and flame immersion. Our burnover blankets are large enough for a person to completely wrap themselves in, cooktop blankets aren't.

Thermaguard offers packaging and protection solutions for all variants of vehicle and static environments.

Thermaguard's fire blankets are coloured according to the specification to which they are designed, or according to the blend of high performance fibres employed in their construction.


Thermaguard offers a inspection/repacking service for any blankets which may have been exposed to contaminants or environmental factors which may reduce their effectiveness in protection.


Radiant Heat Shield

Yes, both in real burnovers, full scale replicated and instrumented burnover testing by CSIRO, and to many Australian and International standards.

Most fire authority fleets in Australia, Defence, State Environment Departments, forestry companies, contractors etc.

We manufacture them to fit most vehicles - loaders, dozers, skidsteers, trucks, excavators, utilities, graders, ATVs, as well as bush huts and hikers' lodges.