Thermaguard™ Premium Bushfire Evacuation Kits


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Australia is well-known for some of the worst bushfires in history, and as recently discussed nationally, Climate Change has further exacerbated the risk of life threatening bushfires in our nation.

Thermaguard strongly agrees with all Government Fire Agencies that suggest anyone at risk prepares and leaves early, taking refuge in a proclaimed ‘safe spot’. Whether you are planning to leave, or stay and defend your property, it is important you prepare an emergency survival kit before the bushfire season starts. Having a prepared kit means having easy access to things that can increase your chances of surviving a bushfire. 

You may like to consider adding some of the below items into your fire kit, as the above kit is large enough to fit some extra components:

Portable battery-operated radio

Waterproof torch

Spare batteries

First aid kit with manual

Emergency contact numbers

Mobile phone and charger

Combination pocket knife

Drinking water

Lastly, don’t forget your pets! If you are minded to pack a fire kit for your beloved pet as well,  invest in a Thermaguard Supertherm Lite Fire Blanket!