SUPERTHERM® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve

Thermaguard® stocks the largest range of SUPERTHERM® Firesleeve in Australia. Our Firesleeve is manufactured to the demanding SAE Aerospace Standard AS1072. The SUPERTHERM® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve has a high-grade silicone outer shell, which is a unique compound that sheds splashes of molten materials with temperatures of up to 1200°C. These heat sleeves are flame resistant and can be exposed to constant heat of up to 260°C.

Our SUPERTHERM® AEROSPACE-GRADE FIREPROOF SLEEVE can be used in various applications including:

  • Mining – vehicle & machinery fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines
  • Oil & Gas – hoses & electrical lines, steam lines etc
  • Smelters – equipment cords and electrical cables
  • Industrial furnaces – electrical cables, hoses and air lines
  • Automation – robotic arm fibre optics, electrical and air lines
  • Fire Fighting – critical component fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines
  • Marine - fuel filler, overflow and breather lines
  • Race Cars – hoses, fuel & oil lines

SUPERTHERM® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve

AS1072 testing involves flame immersion of a pressurised, flammable fluid filled hose assembly, which is sheathed in Firesleeve. The fire sleeving must not only protect and insulate the hose, but must also prevent any spray of flammable content. This test closely replicates the potentially catastrophic burn-through and consequent fire mid flight in space.

In order to offer exceptional insulating performance, the inner part of our Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve is made from braided high-bulk fibreglass. You'll find our Firesleeve on thousands of sites across Australia and overseas, including applications in Marine, Mining, Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Smelters and Agriculture. Our Firesleeve also protects hoses or lines from abrasion and mechanical damage, and provides a level of protection from burns to persons who may come in contact with steam lines/boiler plumbing etc.

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