Disposable Respirator Masks

Thermaguard's Disposable P2 Respirators are designed to protect against mechanically and thermally generated particles including toxic dusts, mists and fumes including organic vapours and ozone.

Some uses include:

Sanding | Bushfires | Drilling | Sawing | Sweeping | Welding | Grinding | Fibreglass production | Asbestos removal  | Chemical handling | Spray painting

We provide Government Fire Agencies and many other end uses with two types of P2 Respirators; giving you the choice between the general P2 Respirator, with Valve, OR the Carbon Activated P2 Respirator, with Valve.

The Carbon-Activated Respirator is primarily used in bushfires, however both P2 masks are effective in eliminating the smoke and particles breathed in during bushfires.