Thermaguard® provides high quality fire protection products including Fire blankets and Firesleeve. Our fire protection products are made from high grade materials to ensure they protect their users during burnovers and bushfires.

Supertherm® Fire Blankets

The Supertherm® Personal Fire Protection Blankets are manufactured using the latest technology and methods. These blankets are made from unique, ground-breaking wool-free materials that don’t emit noxious gasses when exposed to flame. 

The Supertherm® Personal Fire Protection Blankets are designed to exceed specifications for personal protective blankets by the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities and have undergone the world’s leading testing laboratories with highly positive results. 

We offer our Supertherm® Personal Fire Blankets in unique packaging options. You can either purchase the personal fire blanket only or choose either compact packaging and/or with the personal red fire blanket bag as well. Please click on the link to see our The Supertherm® Personal Fire Blankets.

Thermaguard® Firesleeve

Our Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Fire Sleeve is designed to provide protection from continuous heat of up to 260°C, and a molten splash of up to 1200°C. This fire protection product is manufactured to adhere to the AS1072 Aerospace Standard to ensure complete peace of mind. 

The Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Fire Sleeve offers consistently high performance level of protection for hoses, cables and lines. Aside from firefighting it can be used in a wide variety of applications such as mining, oil & gas, smelters, industrial furnaces, automation, marine and automotive i.e. race cars.

Supertherm® Sealing Tape

The SuperTherm® End Sealing Tape is a self-sealing Silicone Rubber Tape, which is used to seal the ends of fire sleeves after installation. Our sealing tape prevents the entry of water and other foreign material such as dust and dirt. 

Supertherm® Fire Tape

The SuperTherm® Fire Tape is popularly used for branching lines and other situations where it is not practical to fit a sleeve. Our fire tape is designed to protect hoses and wiring looms from the effect of heat and occasional flame. This high performance tape utilises a heavy duty knitted fibreglass base and is backed with high grade silicone rubber.

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