Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shield: The Leader In Blocking Out Radiant Heat In Emergency Burnover Situations

Thermaguard designs, patents and manufactures the world's most trusted fire crew protection systems. Therefore, our Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shield is the most reliable and effective heatshield product on the market.

Our patented radiant heat shields are CSIRO/Mogo Burnover tested & approved, and have been developed and perfected through years of Research & Development.

The radiant heat shields complement our burnover blankets, and provide firefighters with protection in emergency firetruck bushfire burnover scenarios; significantly enhancing the chance of our heroic firefighters to tell their story another day.

Specifically, our heat shields protect firefighters against the penetrating forces of radiant heat from bushfires, while also giving crews protection from shattering glass or windborne debris.

Unlike some low-quality, unreliable heat shield products on the market, our Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shields are designed for simple deployment. They feature:

  • Fast & easy ‘Pull to Release’ tabs
  • Clearly marked embroidered text for quick instructional identification
  • Incredibly light-weight material to help keep the center of gravity as low as possible
  • Thermaguard does not use traditional fiberglass mat fabric, like some 'lower class' radiant heat shields do, presenting the fire crew with health implications. 

These clever features make the Thermaguard radiant heat shield ideal for rapid deployment, which is proven to significantly reduce the chance of injury to firefighters. Check out the Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shield in action below.

What Makes The Thermaguard Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shield Effective?

We are the experts when it comes to heat shield protection for firefighters.

There’s no one size fits all approach with emergency equipment, which is why we offer customised solutions. We can quickly & easily make amendments to our radiant heat shields to make them better suited to your appliances.

If you require the heat shield to be custom fitted around overhead consoles, handgrips, or light fittings, we’ll modify the design to make it as effective & easy to use inside the truck as possible.

"Very happy with the Supertherm heat shields (1000+) fitted. The Ultraflap also appears to be a great alternative to aluminum mudguards and has proven to work through Mogo testing."

-- Andrew | Manager

If you need help installing your heat shield set, we have you covered! Our complimentary installation assistance ensures proper & accurate installation; which is one less thing for you to worry about.

As a proud Australian owned and operated business, our radiant heat shield is also perfectly tailored to Australia's unique bushfire conditions; this is a trait International brands just can't replicate. Don't run the risk of cheaper, inferior alternatives; when you invest a Thermaguard product, your invest in the safeguarding of Australian lives battling firefronts, as our products are tested and proven.

Thermaguard holds many granted and pending patents, trademarks and registered designs. Thermaguard aggressively protects it’s innovations and intellectual property rights.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact on 1300 948 241 or, and our support team will take care of you right away!


About Thermaguard

We have been supplying innovative heat shield products to Australian fire authorities, and departments across the globe, for decades.

Our roots proudly lie in Australia, and we have deeply invested in R&D to bring to you the safest, highest quality products on the market. From radiant heat shield to our aerospace grade AS1072 Certified firesleeve, significantly reducing the risk of damage or injury in the event of fire or exposure to high temperatures is the guarantee we place on all of our products.

Other products in our range include:

Every one of these products have endured rigorous testing to ensure they exceed all standards.

Additionally, we're proud to offer you same-day dispatch on orders placed before midday daily, and you can also order nearly all of our products from our online store, 24/7.

Our proud tradition of ensuring the safety of people & machinery in high-temperature situations is the hallmark of Thermaguard, and we look forward to safeguarding the well-being of our customers with innovative fire protection solutions for many decades to come. For more information or direct assistance, please call 1300 948 241.