The SUPERTHERM® AEROSPACE-GRADE FIREPROOF SLEEVE is the best solution for clients who require the full 31 metre length of high temp sleeve. This fireproof sleeve is manufactured to meet the SAE Aerospace Standard AS1072, which is an extremely high set of specifications that covers various industries.

Our 31 metre Roll SUPERTHERM® AEROSPACE-GRADE FIREPROOF SLEEVE can be used in various applications including:

  • Mining – vehicle & machinery fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines
  • Oil & Gas – hoses & electrical lines, steam lines etc
  • Smelters – equipment cords and electrical cables
  • Industrial furnaces – electrical cables, hoses and air lines
  • Automation – robotic arm fibre optics, electrical and air lines
  • Fire Fighting – critical component fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines
  • Marine - fuel filler, overflow and breather lines
  • Race Cars – hoses, fuel & oil lines

The sophisticated design of our flame sleeve allows it to protect fuel, air and hydraulic lines, and wiring looms from constant heat of up to 260°C, and even tolerate molten splash temperatures of up to 1200°C. The design of this fire sleeve was originally to protect fuel and oil lines in aircraft from heat and flame, and to prevent pressurised flammable liquid leakage.

The SUPERTHERM® fireproof sleeve is made using high quality braided fibreglass for high flexibility, performance exceptional insulating properties. The outer layer of this fire protection equipment is coated with premium grade silicone to avoid abrasion.

With our fire sleeve, you are assured that you’re getting consistently high performance level of protection for your hoses, cables and lines.

Thermaguard® stocks over 20 common diameters of fire sleeve for hose, with many others available upon request. Our high temp sleeve needs to be sealed using a hose clamp or a stainless steel cable or zip tie, and should be covered with a sealing tape to protect it from wicking fluids.

If you require a custom length Fire Sleeve, please visit this page: SUPERTHERM® Aerospace Grade Fire Protection Sleeve Per Metre. Our Per Metre sleeves are also available in different sizes to fit your needs.

Send us an email now at or call us at 1300 948 241 for more information about our fire sleeve and our other products. Our staff will be happy to assist you with your queries.

Size number Nom. ID (mm) Nom. ID (Inch)
#4 6 14
#6 10 38
#8 13 12
#10 16 58
#12 19 34
#14 22 78
#16 25 1
#18 29 118
#20 32 114
#22 35 138
#24 38 112
#26 41 158
#28 44 134
#32 51 2
#36 57 214
#40 64 212
#44 70 234
#48 76 3
#52 83 314
#56 89 312
#60 95 334
#64 102 4
#72 114 412
#80 127 5



Brand Thermaguard

Fast delivery, and pleasure to deal with!

By: on 21 August 2019
I ordered this on Monday afternoon and it arrived the next morning! Great delivery times, and they're always a helpful and happy team to deal with too.

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